Praying for Pope Francis

Praying for Pope Francis

We heard the sad news that Pope Francis said he might live only two or three more years. May we all pray for him, that the Holy Spirit strengthen his faith, and sent the powers of healing!

I will be in Rome in October for the gathering of the Synod of the Family and hope to meet him. Pray also for my trip. Blessings, +Karl.

Fra Angelico’s Crucifixion unique as an expression of the exceptional time of discussion and promise of union between religious faiths and spiritual orientations.

Saints and founders of principal religious orders at the foot of the Cross

In the Chapter House of the old Dominican convent, now the Museum of San Marco in Florence, there is now an opportunity to revisit a foremost masterpiece of Fra Angelico, the Crucifixion with Saints. Its restoration was recently completed after a series of diagnostic examinations were performed by top scientific experts.

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