Greetings to you all near and afar!

I wish to sent you in this Holy Season of the Celebration of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ a blessed and jouyous Easter!

Through Him, with Him and in Him, we are called to live toward the Kingdom of God. Christ Jesus gave himself up, so we might live. God has sealed the eternal and everlasting covenant once and for all with His own blood in Christ.

What love is this that God has shown to us? No words, no thoughts can measure, or full express this LOVE that is eternal, and forever bestowed on us. Such divine Mystery draws our soul near to our Creator who shows forth HIS mercy and Love to us, unfaltering, and unheard of... We all are in HIS care, and from around the World we give HIM praise!
May this Easter be a celebration of your love for all that are in your care, as bishops, priests, deacons, laity, all of you who prayerfully look toward the East to await HIS Second Coming in Glory.

Oh wondrous Love that sees through and through our Soul awaiting its Union with God, our Creator.
Oh unspeakable Mystery of this Easter Glory that has caught our hearts and minds, and will not let go, until we see with eye to eye the Divine LOVE that created us, and which is now within us, and shows us the way home to heaven.
Oh Love undivided, we seek you day by day, and long for you, as our thirsty soul longs for the water of salvation.
Oh unending joy that springs from this Mystery of Salvation and continues to satisfy our hungry hearts.
Oh God, may your LOVE give all of us more eagerness to serve all of God's creation, and to bring forth the fruits of the Holy Spirit, so that the world will know that you will unite all of your people wherever they might be.

Yours in Christ,our Redeemer ++Karl